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Welcome from the Program Director

Welcome to the website for our new Spectrum Health Family Medicine Residency Program!  I am excited you landed on this page and encourage you to explore our website, and more importantly come visit us in person.  I am excited to share our new program with you, and hope to highlight a few things that make us worth a visit in person.  Our program is unique; you will be trained in both urban and rural environments, which will allow you to gain the experience and confidence to practice in multiple settings upon graduation. Why is this important?   As family doctors, we take care of the community we live in, whether rural or urban, we commit and tailor our practice to those needs.  A few facts about family physicians that illustrate what we do:

  • Family physicians conduct 1 out of every 5 office visits in America, 192 million visits annually. Which is 48% more than the next most visited specialty!
  • We provide much of the care for America’s underserved rural and urban populations.
  • We are more equally distributed across the U.S. population than any other medical specialty.
  • More than 68% of AAFP (American Academy of Family Physician) members accept new Medicaid patients, and 94% participate in Medicaid.

Without us most underserved populations, both rural and urban, would lack primary care access.   Spectrum Health and more specifically, our residency program, has a goal to improve the health of the communities we serve.  How does one serve the community in a place like beautiful West Michigan? We need strong primary care doctors who can take care of patients from all walks of life; from patients in Grand Rapids, the second largest city in the state, to patients from rural farming and tourist communities.  Therefore, in designing this NEW family medicine residency program we sought to address this need by training residents who could comfortably practice in either setting.

The structure of our program has residents rotating at two main Spectrum Health hospital sites in southwest Michigan; Butterworth and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids and United Hospital in Greenville.  There will be two main outpatient clinic sites adjacent to each hospital in both

Grand Rapids and Greenville. The hospital/clinic sites are a 30-minute easy highway drive from each other allowing easy access to both.  Residents will rotate at both hospital sites, but most of the inpatient rotations will be at United Hospital in Greenville.  Residents will be assigned to a clinic, based upon preference in their R1 year.  The Grand Rapids clinic has a more urban feel, while the Greenville clinic is a certified rural health center.  We’ve worked hard to design a residency which emphasizes outpatient clinic continuity, maximizes inpatient independence, and minimizes call months.  Our affiliation with Michigan State University preserves high academic standards and access to exceptional researchers and resources.  We are privileged to provide you the benefits of both a community and academic residency program in one location.  This is a unique balance in which residents are the clear winners.

I invite you to come visit us this fall for an interview and learn more about what we have to offer.

Robin O’Meara, MD; Vaccine Science Fellow, AAFP
Program Director Family Medicine Residency
Spectrum Health/Michigan State University

Program Overview

    • Unique curriculum
      • Minimizes call months
      • Emphasizes outpatient clinic continuity
    • Longitudinal blocks
      • Behavioral health
      • Medical specialties
      • Surgical specialties
    • Rural and urban training combined — the best of both worlds
    • Experienced faculty
    • Research opportunities
    • Population health emphasis
    • Culinary medicine didactics
    • Strong in pediatric care — rotations at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
    • Refugee clinic where patients speak over 30 languages

Diversity and Resident Wellness

Spectrum Health is committed to creating a healthy work environment which promotes wellness and a culture that is respectful, inclusive and positive.  Please visit the Spectrum Health Resident Wellness page and the Spectrum Health Diversity page to learn more.

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