Colon & Rectal Surgery

Clinical Environment

The colorectal surgery clinical experience is through the Spectrum Health Hospital System, which includes both Blodgett and Butterworth campuses. During the course of the year, the resident will work closely with the colorectal surgery faculty as they rotate on 2 month block rotations with assigned mentors.

The Spectrum Health Medical Group/Ferguson Clinic consists of eight faculty who are all board certified in colon and rectal surgery. They are dedicated to teaching and education of both the colorectal fellows and also rotating residents and students. Throughout the year, there are both PGY2 and PGY4 general surgery residents that rotate through the service as well as MSU medical students. The service also has dedicated colorectal surgery physician assistants who help with the daily care of the inpatient service and also work in an outpatient setting as well.

Program Focus

The colorectal surgery fellowship is a one year program with two resident positions each year.   The fellowship includes a very busy clinical year which includes a broad operative experience, abundant endoscopy time and office hours available on a daily basis. The strength of the program is the balance of the clinical experiences, both in and out of the hospital setting, research opportunities and a very diverse patient population. The Ferguson Clinic is well known for anorectal disease and treatment, but there is also an abundance of operative experiences with intra-abdominal and pelvic procedures and minimally invasive techniques (daVinci, laparoscopic TEMS/TAMIS) as well as endoscopic procedures. We offer a large amount of minimally invasive experience with both laparoscopic and robotic approaches, and in the past, our residents have graduated with at least 180 laparoscopic colon or rectal procedures each. We also currently offer experiences in robotic surgery, SILS, TEM procedures and pelvic floor evaluations and treatment, including InterStim. Below is the case volume per year which is for 2 fellows throughout the year.

Anorectal 350
Hemorrhoids 100
Sphincter repair 10
Anorectal flap/fistula repairs 15

Pelvic Floor Evaluations 50

Rectal Prolapse Surgery 40

Endoscopy 450
Proctoscopy/Anoscopy 100
Polypectomy 80

Abdominal 550
Laparoscopic 180
LAR 64
APR 13
Pouches 22


Didactic sessions occur every Tuesday starting at 7am and include Journal Club, GI Tumor Board, Research, Quality and Safety meetings, CRS Video sessions and Radiology and Pathology. We have weekly Quality Assurance (M&M) meetings. Many of the conferences are multidisciplinary in nature and have representation from radiology, pathology, medical oncology and radiation oncology.  After the dedicated conferences, a weekly chapter review from the current ASCRS textbook is performed by one of the colorectal staff which involves an interactive discussion and review of all the chapters in the textbook throughout the year.  Additional specialty lectures are included throughout the year and include a genetics lecture, enterostomal therapy lecture, gastroenterology talks, billing and coding, etc.


We have a very active research department that works in close association with Spectrum Health. The research meetings occur on a quarterly basis and typically led by the current research fellow and/or Dr. Ogilvie.  Every year, there is a colorectal surgery research fellow who is actively involved in ongoing research projects and also starting new projects throughout the year.  The Ferguson Clinic is actively involved in local and national meetings with both poster and podium presentations over the past several decades.

The Spectrum Health GME Research Department provides support to Spectrum Health residents and faculty in all areas of research and scholarly activity (e.g., quality, educational, surveys).  To access more details, including templates (e.g., study protocol, poster), help request forms and other contact information, visit Spectrum Health GME Research.

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