Who We Are & What We Do

GRMEP Research Department

Who Are We?

Alan T. Davis, PhD; Director of Research , GRMEP

Tracy J. Koehler, PhD; Assistant Director of Research, GRMEP

Allen Shoemaker, PhD; Statistician

Diann Reischman, PhD; Statistician


Where Are We?

Right at GRMEP, 945 Ottawa Ave. NW


How Do You Contact Us?

The best way is by email: research@grmep.org

Our phone number is 616-732-6223


What Services Do We Provide?

Protocol/Idea development

IRB paperwork preparation/submission

Statistical design/power analysis

Data analysis

Poster presentation review/editing/printing

Oral presentation review/editing

Manuscript review/editing

Photo editing

Lectures on any of the above